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My Services

My Services

Skills and methods

I work with my Guides, Pendulum, Tarot and Oracle

My approach

I like to look deep into the situation, so that I can provide as much information as possible, for you to have an entire outlook of your current circumstances. Before stepping into the future, we often need to understand what is really going on in the present. This is why, it is important to start with where we are right now. And yes, past, present and future, all of it matters. It all happens at the same time. While we're living in the present, in that very moment we are leaving the present behind and stepping into the future. All of it is important and your heart deserves kindness, love, understanding and forgiveness.I best work with the near future (meaning the next few months).


❤️ LOVE ❤️ Relationships ❤️ Growth ❤️ Multiple Choices ❤️ Life Coaching ❤️

My background

Thousands of clients from all over the world benefited from my professional coaching and intuitive readings. I say things as they are, in a kind and non-judgemental way. 🦋I use Tarot and Oracle for impressions, so that I can provide further details to what my Guides are sharing with me. 🌸 If you decided to read with me, know that you came to a very safe space. Apart from being a professional Intuitive Reader, I am also a human...who understands that rock bottoms are tough, transitions are overwhelming and growth is not always unicorns and rainbows.

I see things - that means sometimes an image will come to me as an answer to your question or as part of the reading and I will always express the symbols, images, colours that come through and how I see it related to the reading.

I feel things - yes, I can feel part of the pain you're going through, other peoples' intentions, various types of emotions (i.e. sadness, anxiety etc) and much more. I have done a lot of work on my own self, so I am aware when these things come and they are related to your reading and I will share them with you.

I know things - very often, entire words or phrases come through to me, just as a knowing, when I look into someone's situation. Be sure that I will not hold back from sharing anything that comes through to me, with a lot of love.

🐢 My intention is to help! So if you choose me as your advisor today, please be clear on how exactly I can help you 🤗

   I DON’T DO GENERAL READINGS , as I want to focus on and help you with the exact aspect you need to deal with right now.

   For example, to the questions like 'What's in store for me' or 'Tell me about my love life', I will kindly ask you to be more specific, so that I can tap into your exact situation faster.

I do not do:

👉 Health/pregnancy/death readings

👉 Investment readings

👉 Timelines - ⚡ Time is relative and is invented by us, humans. In the Universe, things happen when we (and all involved) are ready for the next steps to take place. I will share what my cards are telling me, but not specific timeframes. Please don't insist. Thank you ☺️

👉 Lost items

👉 Legal & Missing people

👉 Mediumship

👉 Job interviews

👉 Exams

I am here to help with:

❤️ Love readings

❤️ Career readings

❤️ Success readings

❤️ Personal growth

❤️ Guidance

❤️ Possible outcome for your actions

♥️ Multiple choices

❤️ Saying the truth for what I see and not what one wants to hear

🌸 I reserve the right to not comment on the readings you received from other advisors. We all share information in different ways and we all have different tools that we use.

🌸 I will not predict names of people you will meet. Nor their exact jobs (I am not a HR specialist) or physical description.

🌸 I don't work with soulmate/twin flame/‘the one’ terminology, as I like to tap into person's energy, feelings, thoughts, intentions and all these are unique for every person. I choose to not put them into predefined categories.

   ✨There are other amazing Soulmate/Twin flame specialists on the platform, should you want to know more about these connect


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