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Skills and methods

Clairvoyant, empath, intuitive, healer, visionary, medium, messenger/channeler of guides and angels, counselor, able to tune into the stream of consciousness where all the answers wait for you!

My approach

I will see what you most need for happiness, fulfillment, empowerment. The bond with a great mystic lasts a lifetime. The strategies for manifestation are easy to implement. Ready for miracles? You will be amazed at what you are capable of!


World renowned romance counselor extraordinaire, reunions, truth gathering, healing, keys to success and prosperity, harmony in relationships, strategies for manifestation, career guidance, dream interpretation, past lives, energy work, practical wisdom for positive transformation and the most remarkable secrets to living held anywhere on earth.

My background

I am one of the most respected psychics/clairvoyants in the world. I am a flamboyant clairvoyant, luminous prophetess, international TV/Radio star, author, musician, comedienne, visionary, classic film historian, enlightenment facilitator, philosopher, romance counselor extraordinaire. I have wonderful memories of Europe where Wayne Issacs and I did daily TV shows. I was a TV/Radio personality in Japan for twelve years. I hold miraculous secrets to success, health, happiness and have a remarkable gift, stamina and integrity never before seen on this planet. My greatest desire is to empower the lives of all I touch. Here at seeer, I’m able to work with people from all over the world. I am from a metaphysical family dynasty. I noticed this gift at about age nine. I have studied psychology, philosophy and religion through world travels and have realized a dream of radiant health, abounding love and an ability to connect to people from every echelon of existence. I then come up with diverse, divine and humorous solutions to every issue presented to me. Thank you, James, for this opportunity. Devotees describe me as compassionate, benevolent, charismatic, enthusiastic, hilarious, empathetic, humble, too! Natural Awakenings magazine said, “Countess Nadia Starella is an interfaith spiritual advisor and counselor who has been helping people discover depth and harmony in their lives for many years. A New Orleans native and also a Reverend, Countess Nadia is a warm, life-loving blend of universal truths, ever enriched by ongoing studies in philosophy, world culture, metaphysics, music and happiness factors. She is an internationally renowned radio and television personality. A skillful intuitive, Nadia’s focus is on understanding and enthusiastically embracing the present moment, while honoring the past and acknowledging the future. Internationally revered and honored, clairvoyant, counselor, and mystic, Countess Nadia was born into a family of intellectuals, artists, and metaphysical entrepreneurs. Her mother, Galaxy, was a rare and magnetic creature from the old South. Her father, Armand, was a noted professor, linguist and musician. As a child she was encouraged to embrace many cultures, disciplines and brave new thoughts. This inspired Nadia to take the road less travelled.” I was extremely fortunate to have had parents and siblings who were cosmic explorers. We were introduced to books and teachings from all the great masters and thinkers. All this exposure to the realms of the mind and conscious thought have synthesized in my psychic powers. My extensive travels and independent studies took me to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Panama, France, England, just to name a few countries. My love of other cultures and people has made me a compassionate and benevolent counselor, who empathetically connects to your soul. I am the sister of Skyy Della, noted author, legendary yoga master and mystic. My brother, Armand (of Armand and Angelina fame) is a world renowned musical minister, composer and international recording artist. I have been designing clothes since age 10, a singer/songwriter since age 12, a clairvoyant, classic film historian, philosopher, environmentalist, comedienne, enlightenment facilitator, happiness coach, romance counselor, author and visionary. I've lived in 30 states and 10 countries, most notably in Japan where I was a TV/Radio Star. My hobbies are boogie boarding, architecture, mythology,&


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